Here Comes The Planet 61 – Uganda 03

We spend some time at Lake Bunyonyi visiting the local “crazy old lady”, as well as the children at the Little Angels school, where the girls give a positively roaring rendition of “Old McDonald” and Pete looks to be right at home with all the dancing.


Yes, I am still posting videos from our trip in 2013. I have many, many more still to go, which can be a bit daunting at times, plus since so much time has passed between then and now, not as many people are watching them. So while the blog is a bit more active over the next few months, it seems like a good time to make a concerted effort to work on them. It’s my way of contributing from home! I’ll be posting them up until I depart, at which point I’ll be filming new episodes. Apologies for the jumbled chronology, but I’m sure you’ll all get by. Maybe I’ll post them up on Thursdays? #throwbackthursday! ;D

2 thoughts on “Here Comes The Planet 61 – Uganda 03

    • At least you were in the hands of a professional! You could tell she’d been groping groups for years, and had perfected her technique. That said, her memory might be starting to fade a bit, seeing as how she almost forgot Amanda’s.

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