Pontevedra, Spain

We booked two nights in Pontevedra (when I say ‘we’ Danny did literally everything) and left Santiago mere minutes after signing off on the Camino. We didn’t stay because we are coming back for a few days later on so we’re seeing a bit more of Galicia before then.

After this is three nights in Porto.

The apartment Danny found is lovely, it opens right onto a laneway in the old part of the city.

The interior is mostly mint green trim and feature walls of flamingo wallpaper.

Unfortunately, because we booked a Friday and Saturday night, between 4 and 6am crowds of people streamed past my window shouting, singing and partying on their way home from nightclubs.

The lady who owns the place met us when we arrived and said the front bedroom was loud but didn’t specify that the street noise, which was minimal during the day, wasn’t the problem. I’m writing this at 5:30am because I’ve given up on going back to sleep. Every time I think there’s going to be no more noise another group comes along to stand right outside talking at top volume.

Aside from causing me to wake up angry, Pontevedra has been a lovely place to stay. What did we do here?

We walked around the old town.
We went to the art gallery.
We saw lots of lovely impressionist work.
We walked along the river and took some photos for some tourists.
We found a market.
And a free rock music festival
We watched a bit of the coronation on tv.
We saw pigeons causing havoc on unattended tables, inadvertently smashing wine glasses and bottles.

Mainly we sat in various squares doing what the locals do – people and dog watching.

And being watched in return.

I’ve brought a crossword book and so we did that for a while too. All very relaxing!

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