Porto, Day 1

We had to be up and out by 7:30 to walk to the train station for our trip to Porto via Vigo. As I’d been woken at 5am by people literally screaming and shouting on their way home from nightclubs (don’t book central locations on weekends, friends), I was pretty much packed and the apartment was tidy before Danny’s alarm went off. He has wisely chosen a bedroom at the rear of the apartment.

The train to Vigo was only 20 minutes then we had half an hour to get across town to a different station for Porto.

Seemed like a brand new station, kind of like Melbourne Central but empty.

A lady on the Camino had said Vigo wasn’t worth a visit but what we saw was nice enough.

No time for breakfast so it was lucky we’d stowed some biscuits and fruit in our bags. The views from the train were very misty and everything looked very green. I always think of the Iberian peninsula as dry and hot but it’s definitely not all like that, particularly in the north and by the coast.

The train from Vigo to Porto was about 2.5 hours and our clocks changed as Portugal is on the same time as the UK.

Our carriage was full of pilgrims and this is a terrible photo of their backpacks.

As we left the station there was a charming sight!

Beetle parade!

We arrived in Porto quite hungry so we had to tick this off our Porto bingo sheet:

I did actually make a Porto bingo sheet.

Egg/custard tart: done!

We dropped our bag off at our accommodation then it was time to revisit one of the best foods Luke and I had on our last trip: roast pork rolls and green wine!

They had revamped since the last time and added some menu items but it was still amazing food.

Ice filled cooler bag covers for wine bottles – brilliant.

I’m sorry to say that the first thing I did was video call luke to tell him where I was.

It was warming up. The next logical step was…

We had a wander through town and listened to some street performers, took some photos of the views and then went to look for a bar.

We specifically wanted the smallest bar in Porto.

It was very, very small.
Drinks were regular sized, thankfully.

I was tired so we went back to the apartment and I slept from 5pm to 7pm. By the way, Danny tells me it’s bizarre that I don’t have my watch face showing 24 hour time, he thinks 12 hour time is for babies. Except when talking about time out loud. I don’t get it.

We wandered around in the evening and found a restaurant that was nice.

I had prawn linguine and Danny had a local dish, kind of a croque monsieur but with gravy.

Not altogether appealing in appearance.

It gradually dawned on us that the service would’ve been a lot better if at least one of us had been a teenage girl – the waiter was talking to every table of girls for ages and barely spoke to us. Eventually I had to interrupt him flirting right behind us just to get the bill.

We then wandered through the streets.

Across one of the big bridges.


Had a drink at a bar then brought some wine home to watch a bit more Ted Lasso. We’ve got a few things lined up to do tomorrow but I’m looking forward to lying in!

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