Porto Day 2

Thanks to Danny booking our accommodation in an epic location, we are really close to almost everything in Porto.

Our apartment is in that white building, behind it is the main cathedral and town square and it’s right beside the biggest bridge across the river.

We had an excellent sleep then I found a very Melbourne-style cafe for breakfast, but at about half the price of a Melbourne brunch.

Near us was a large table of people of various ages who were all spread out using various devices and tapping away. We thought they were all working independently. Just before we left they all stopped typing and started introducing themselves and talking about poetry. We tried to overhear when was going on but it was a bit mysterious.

Next stop: stained glass museum! As you can imagine, one of us was more excited about this that the other.

Danny wasn’t terribly keen, but it was only eight euros and literally backed onto our accommodation so if he wanted to go sit it out he could.

A nice surprise when we paid…

Art and port, a winning combination! Sure, it was 11am but it would have been rude to refuse.

The museum is very small but had some nice stained glass.


Next, a quick break at the apartment to charge devices and do some puzzles with our feet up. I hadn’t known previously that we were both fans of word puzzles and this book I bought in Australia has been great entertainment.

Then we went for a walk and had a snack break with a view.

It was kind of a brioche-pizza-calzone mashup.

We wanted to do a bit of shopping today. We walked to a mall for a look around and I bought a book. Shopping centres really are the same all over the world.

I was very grateful that the mall bookshop had a couple of shelves of books in English and even a decent selection of fantasy and sci fi.

We went on a walk around town to see street art and other lovely sights.

Iconic Porto church.

I found a nice middle-aged-lady fashion store and bought a dress to wear if we go out to somewhere nice for dinner. While in the shop I met a couple of Kiwis who had been living in Mount Martha for the last ten years. it’s (relatively) just down the road from where I live so it seemed like quite a coincidence.

Next we walked through some markets where I bought strawberries. the strawberries we’ve had here have been really great.

Danny has been wanting some open shoes that would be more comfortable with his blisters.

Despite my encouragement he didn’t even try on this pair of fake-diamond-encrusted trainers (rude) and went for some Birkenstocks.

We made it to 10km and decided to have an afternoon rest and watch some Rick and Morty, during which Danny feel asleep and I started my book.

I’m coming to realise that this isn’t my most riveting blog entry but I’ve written too much to stop now!

Porto is a VERY hilly city and the walk to our restaurant for the evening was quite an ordeal. Worth it though, for views towards the sunset and feeling like we’d found a place where locals hang out.

I’d been reading up on local street artists and there was some work right by our spot.

Subtle but beautiful. Hazul luzer, a local artist.

We walked back to the apartment to get our laundry at 9pm. It turned out that the nearest laundromat was halfway back to the restaurant. Up and down hills again.

In the very new and clean laundromat we got talking to a couple from Melbourne and a couple from Turkey. We all agreed that the laundromat was the place to be on Monday nights.

We’d brought drinks, everyone agreed it was the right idea.

We finished the night with wine and Ted Lasso.


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