Keswick Day 1

First, thanks for your video, Mum!

My phone setup at the moment makes it difficult to communicate directly with my parents, so I haven’t spoken to them directly since I left. My brother recorded Mum sending me a little message, which was very nice to watch!

Also apologies to all the people who get email notifications, I’ve uploaded a few old posts out of order so if yesterday’s updates were confusing, that’s why.

Today we left our cosy apartment in Ambleside and moved to Keswick. I phoned the owners of the property to see if we could be let in early to drop our bags off and she said it was fine.

Out the door with all the bags.

We caught the bus and Luke and I minded the bags so Lea and Pete could see the view from the top. We’ve taken the route before so we don’t mind not having the best seats.

Wedged in.

The bus was a bit delayed and we ended up taking longer than expected, but the walk from the bus stop to our new place wasn’t far.

The place is lovely and very central, with one bedroom and the living area at ground level then two bedrooms and a bathroom below. We access it from a little door in the car park out back but the front is a traditional Lakeland guesthouse.

Not quite as charming as the front… which I’ll take a photo of tomorrow since it’s dark now.

We went for a walk into town while the cleaning was being finished. We looked through a few shops and walked down to the lake.

A somewhat grey day and a somewhat wonky photo.

There were food vans and a start/finish line for a race all being set up, part of the Mountain Festival that is happening this weekend. There are fell races happening tomorrow (where people run over the fells) of between 5k and 50k. If I hadn’t booked us a pub for lunch tomorrow I’d seriously (not) consider joining in.

We stopped at The Wainwright for lunch.

Pickle Pete! (He was sharing Lea’s burger).

Afterwards we had a bit more of a wander through op shops and bought some lemon cake for our afternoon snack.

We had a bit of quiet time in the afternoon before going to Booths to stock up on breakfast food, crackers and alcohol.

We tried a sample of blue cheese at the cheese counter and ended up bringing several cheeses home.

Before we could contemplate cheese we had to have dinner (it feels like all we did today was eat) and after asking for a table in several restaurants, we ended up back at The Wainwright, where we all had the steak and ale pie.


Our accommodation has a little patio so we finished off the evening with cheese and wine outdoors. The sky put on a lovely show for us.

The company and cheeses made up for the car park views.

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