Keswick to Threlkeld Rail Trail

We were up and out at the crack of 11am, ready to hit the rail trail.

Most definitely our easiest day’s walk for the trip but no less beautiful for that.

Well, not all of it was beautiful.
Some of it was more striking than beautiful.
We took many photos!
I mean, a lot of photos.
I’m not kidding, ALL the photos.
We saw a very cute retro ice cream van.
So much sunshine!

I did this walk about six weeks ago and it has changed quite dramatically.

Anyone know what these are?
Some almost tropical sections with mossy walls and ferns.

We made it to Threlkeld a little early.
Enough time to take some more photos.

Luke thought he could take a better photo of bluebells than me! Tell him he’s dreaming.
Threlkeld sits in the shadow of mighty Belcathra.
I refuse to apologise for all my photos of gates but I am aware I’m overdoing it slightly. Still… how good are gates??
More delightful outdoor craft.
Back to The Horse and Farrier.

A long, hot walk means a nice, cold cider!

I had skipped breakfast so I could have a two course lunch. I know you probably aren’t interested in what we ate but the photos turned out so nicely I’m posting them.

I had pea and broccoli soup. It was lovely.
Lea and Pete shared a coronation chicken baguette and a sausage roll.
Fancy sausage roll, which Luke also had with bruschetta.

I won’t post all the desserts, but this was mine and it was amazing.

We sat in the beer garden in the sun for 20 minutes waiting for the bus.

A lovely walk in the sunshine! I feel pretty lucky to have done the walk twice and gotten perfect weather both times.

On the way home I took a photo of the front of our apartment. It wouldn’t take much to turn it into a pretty excellent haunted house.

This evening Mark and Sue are arriving and we are looking forward to seeing them!

3 thoughts on “Keswick to Threlkeld Rail Trail

    • It really was! I’m finding it interesting viewing it through the eyes of people who normally come here in Autumn too, apparently it’s always rainy and foggy so the difference for mark and sue is massive.

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