Here Comes The Planet 66 – Kenya 07

If you’re on a Dragoman overland tour, one thing you’ll quickly become accustomed to is the regularity with which you must set up and pack down tents, at all times of the day and night. Your tent skills are highly important – they can make or break your enjoyment of the trip!

As such, one of our Dragoman tour mates, Pete, has decided to make an instructional video on how to pack down your tent in the most efficient manner. Well. Maybe not the most efficient – but certainly the most effective!

Thanks once again to Pete for giving us his footage to use. I am glad we could immortalise such epic tent packing skills for future generations. 😀

Here Comes The Planet 26 – Ireland 01

Part one of our Ireland episodes sees Amanda’s mother join us on our travels as we make our way through Wales, on the ferry and over to Ireland. We take a ghost tour in a converted bus, an excellent walking tour through Dublin and visit the Waterford Crystal factory to see how the famous products are made.