Blogging About Blogging (meta-blogging!)

Blogging while traveling is easy (if you have the means) and serves many purposes. I have two primary reasons for doing it.

1. To record my travels. I find typing easier than writing. On my first trip overseas I kept a written diary that I treasure but using a blog means a more attractive and neater format with the ability to add photos and links.

2. To communicate with friends and family back home but also with new friends along the way (*waves* to Andrew from NZ!) and anyone who stumbles across this blog. On my first two trips overseas 10 years ago I felt very isolated at times and loneliness would often set in, particularly in countries where people did not speak English. Using the blog and Facebook I feel as though I can tell people what is happening in my life, get responses (if people comment) and keep abreast of what is happening back home. I’m an inveterate socialiser and without daily communication of some sort I pretty much wilt.

Not everyone wants to blog or understands why we do it. I’ve been told ‘don’t let it take over your trip’. But it’s quite the opposite. In fact Luke and I have, several times, pushed ourselves to go and do something new despite the fact that we felt tired/cranky because we wanted to put something interesting in the blog – win/win, really. We also interact more with locals through the video aspect, such as with the owner of the Wild Weasel Bar in Hoi An, whom we briefly interviewed.

It’s been a great balance, with Luke’s skills in video and my desire to write reams and take lots of photos. I’m imagining that if we can keep up this level of output we’ll have an amazing collection of memories when we return home and if anyone wants to know about our trip we can point them in this direction. I remember getting kind of sick of telling the same stories over and over when I got back last time.

We both hope you’re enjoying our work 🙂

Phone and Text Messages (Luke)

I purchased a pre-paid SIM card for us to use while we’re traveling. We only plan to call or send texts in emergencies, and while we’re in places where we don’t need it, I usually have my phone on flight mode to save on power. We’re checking the internet often, so email and Facebook are the best ways to reach us. However, if you want to get in touch with us via phone or text messages, there are a couple of options.

GO-SIM have a free SMS service for all of their numbers via their website. We’ll switch the phone on to check messages periodically. If you use this service, keep in mind we can’t return messages, and you’ll need to identify yourself so we know who is messaging us. Go here to send us a free text message: 

If you want to call or text, our number is +44 7937 676336. Although we don’t get charged for incoming calls, I don’t know how reliable the service will be or whether we’ll have the phone switched on very much. If you need to call us, it may be better to pre-arrange it via email if possible.

Keep in touch! 🙂