Phone and Text Messages (Luke)

I purchased a pre-paid SIM card for us to use while we’re traveling. We only plan to call or send texts in emergencies, and while we’re in places where we don’t need it, I usually have my phone on flight mode to save on power. We’re checking the internet often, so email and Facebook are the best ways to reach us. However, if you want to get in touch with us via phone or text messages, there are a couple of options.

GO-SIM have a free SMS service for all of their numbers via their website. We’ll switch the phone on to check messages periodically. If you use this service, keep in mind we can’t return messages, and you’ll need to identify yourself so we know who is messaging us. Go here to send us a free text message: 

If you want to call or text, our number is +44 7937 676336. Although we don’t get charged for incoming calls, I don’t know how reliable the service will be or whether we’ll have the phone switched on very much. If you need to call us, it may be better to pre-arrange it via email if possible.

Keep in touch! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Phone and Text Messages (Luke)

  1. I have been very surprised at the amount you guys have been on facebook (but also noticed the frequency of posts/replys in a very short time) its nice to hear from you guys tho 🙂

    • There’s a heap of free wifi everywhere these days, much more than I was expecting, so it’s been super easy to quickly check, update and comment while at hostels, hotels, cafés, bars, restaurants, etc. It makes for an easy way to stay connected while not actually interfering with your holiday. 🙂

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