Here Comes The Planet 49 – Tanzania 05

In this episode Team Toto soar above the Serengeti in a hot air balloon and drink champagne like the rock stars they wish they were! An unforgettable experience that we shared with many of our travel companions.

Also, I deliver on a promise I made to amp up the excitement of a balloon coming in to land… 😉

Thanks again to Pete and Deb for letting us use some of their footage!

I Aten’t Dead (Luke)

We aten't dead yet!

Yes, I know, an update – and a video one at that! I’m as amazed as you are.

Obviously it’s been a while. Doing these videos hasn’t been a priority for me over the past year. I’d like to say it’s because my new business has been booming and I’ve been run off my feet, and indeed that did happen for a few months, but there was plenty of other time I could have put towards these videos. I spent that time enjoying the activities I couldn’t always do while travelling, like playing games or watching TV and movies. I also worked on a few film projects as well.

Recently I have moved house (again) and find myself without an internet connection for a while, plus work has slowed to a pace that has once again given me some free time. Amanda brought up the videos in conversation recently, and that’s returned them to the front of my mind. Time to work on them again!

Since we were going on a mini holiday, and I fully intend to, where possible, document our travels no matter where on the planet we go, I thought I’d make a little video on our sojourn to Ballarat to get back in to the travel-video-editing groove. However, for one reason or another, I think it’s the longest Here Comes The Planet episode so far. Hopefully it’s entertaining enough to sustain your attention. I did wonder about leaving the pantomime stuff in there, but I enjoyed it quite a bit and so want to remember it in future. Apologies for the indulgence!

In any case, you can expect to see more video updates this year. I can’t tell you how many or how long you’ll have to wait for them, I can only tell you they’re more of a priority for me this year and I’ll be working on them for you. So be vocal when they’re posted and let me know you’re watching them – I thrive on comments! 😉

And with that, I might go and see how the next episode is shaping up. Ciao for now!