Here Comes The Planet 41 – DMF Trivia Night

NOTE: Feel free to skip this episode if you’re not one of our friends back in Melbourne – you won’t miss out on anything. 🙂

In an episode that will, I suspect, be of interest only to our friends back home, we meet up with friends in Edinburgh to take part in the DMF trivia night that’s being held in Melbourne. The Euro team take part via the internet. Gotta love technology! Thanks to Anth for running the quiz and everyone else who helped set it up. Was great to see you all.

Also, find out who wins trivia! Will it be us? I hope it’s us.

(Spoiler: It’s us.)

Here Comes The Planet 35 – England 09

We meet up with our friend Justin in Saltburn-By-The-Sea, in my personal favourite episode of Here Comes The Planet thus far!

Justin was the first Couchsurfer Amanda hosted, and whilst in Melbourne he also came along to our Samsara 2012 party (although I have no footage of that, here’s some footage from Samsara 2011). He was keen to return the hospitality, and did so in spades! We had a fantastic time with him and his mates, as you’ll no doubt be able to tell from the video. Apart from a great tour of Saltburn, he took us out to an excellent club night being run by a mate of his, as well as a joint birthday party where there were tasty noms, numerous games (some of which no one knew how to win, especially not the person making the game up as they went) and a lot of padded wrestling. We’re already looking forward to the time we can all catch up again. 🙂

Also, if you’ve never considered taking up dinghying as a hobby, Burno makes a compelling case.