Here Comes The Planet 74 – Frascati (2018)

Frascati is a small town about half an hour from Rome which we visited on a winery tour. Apart from having some of the oldest businesses in the country, it also has some beautiful views of Rome in the distance, as well as the vineyards dotting the hills. A lovely spot!

Read Amanda’s entry on our Frascati wine tour here.

2 thoughts on “Here Comes The Planet 74 – Frascati (2018)

  1. Just as the footage of the man slicing the meat came up, a waft of delicious cooked meat came through the house and I momentarily thought you had introduced smellevision to your videos. Alas, my dad had just opened the slow cooker. (Mostly alas because I will not be here tomorrow to eat it.)

    • Smellovision. Great for shots of bakeries, pizza, fields of flowers… not so great for sulphuric hot springs in Iceland or people burning off rubbish on the streets of Vietnam. Still, it’d be great to have!

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