Here Comes The Planet 57 – Kenya 04

Yes yes, I know. Too long between videos. I can promise it won’t take as long for the next one, but don’t expect it to be a regular thing! They’ll be done when they get done.

This episode is mostly dedicated to the boggy inefficiency of Kenyan drivers in Lake Nakuru.

Also, a rhino marks his territory. Definitively.


Here Comes The Planet 48 – Tanzania 04

On this episode of Here Comes The Planet we head out to the Serengeti for our first safari, and spot a good number of animals! As exciting as it was, to get there we had to drive many hours over what was by far the worst “road” many of us have ever had the displeasure to experience. Worth it in the end, but only just!

Also, we take a sneak peak at the location of what will be the location of our next safari, the Ngorongoro crater.

Special thanks to our travel companions Pete and Deb for loaning us their footage to use in our video!