Here Comes The Planet 57 – Kenya 04

Yes yes, I know. Too long between videos. I can promise it won’t take as long for the next one, but don’t expect it to be a regular thing! They’ll be done when they get done.

This episode is mostly dedicated to the boggy inefficiency of Kenyan drivers in Lake Nakuru.

Also, a rhino marks his territory. Definitively.


Here Comes The Planet 45 – Tanzania 02

Our group, which has now taken to calling itself “Team Toto”, moves on to the main part of our African adventure when we meet up with the Dragoman tour that will be taking us around east Africa. We’ll be spending over a month with most of these people and our tour guide, Steve. The beginning of a new adventure!

In this episode we check out the Forodhani Night Market and the Darajani spice market in Stone Town before heading to a spice and fruit plantation tour where we get to sample lots of exotic fruits and see some impressive tree climbing. We stay in northern Zanzibar on Nungwi Beach where we get the chance to visit the Mnarani turtle sanctuary and tick something off Nicolette’s bucket list – swimming with turtles!

Also, people are rightfully worried about being bitten by turtles. Because it frickkin’ hurts.

Also, cute kitten!! 😀 😀