Langstrath to Keswick

From my hardest day to the easiest. The walk from the campsite through the tiny but charming village of Grange, all the way to Keswick, was like a walk through a park. I even bought an ice cream in Grange as the sun was so warm. The flavour was ‘chocolate toffee explosion’ or something equally exciting. Totally worth paying over two pounds for one rather small scoop.

I chatted to an older couple (you’d think there was no other type of people in this area, that’s how frequently I meet them) who told me that the Borrowdale Valley is often thought the prettiest square mile in Cumbria. I don’t know if that’s precisely true but it certainly wasn’t bad at all.

I stopped for an early lunch by an abandoned slate quarry and had a wander through.

On my first day in Ulverston I bought a chunk of cheddar to take with me on my walks and it lasted a surprisingly long time, especially since I didn’t have it in the fridge at all. Well, I mean night times were fridge temperatures, but it survived the days too. I would cut off bits to mix through couscous and it wasn’t a bad meal with an apple on the side. I am also loving my soft water bottles. They fit into any space in my bag and take up no room when they’re empty. I’m glad I chose those rather than the hard sort.

Here’s my first sight of Derwent Water.

Most of the rest of the day was taken up with meeting two more older couples. The first couple took my photo.

I think I look sort of happy-yet-pathetic in this picture.

The other couple were American and we talked and walked for about an hour and then we got to a little village right before Keswick and they bought me lunch! It was incredibly kind and I think I reminded them of their children, one was born the same year as me. They told me that if I couldn’t find accommodation I should come to their cottage and they would be happy to let me sleep on the couch.

People have been so generous and friendly and kind to me so far, I really can’t get over it.

I waved them farewell and headed to the lakeside campsite and found they had tonnes of room. I pitched my tent and revelled in the sunshine.

Here’s a few more photos from the day.


13 thoughts on “Langstrath to Keswick

  1. Glad you mentioned the “soft” bottle, nearly every conference we go to we’re given aluminium water bottles but I don’t like to drink from them and if you fill them with cold water the outside beads and wets everything it comes in contact with. Glass is nice to drink from but is unforgiving and I wondered about the pouchy bottles, if they’re squished in I was afraid the seams would burst. Do they taste ok or is it a case of when you’re thirsty water tastes good anyway?

    • Argh, didn’t mean to hit send so quickly! I don’t like camel backs but I think the plastic pouches taste fine. My bags have inner waterproof bags and I always put my electricals and passport in those and the water on the outside just in case but haven’t had a mishap yet:-). I like that I can squash them to fit around other things too:-). They are only a few dollars from camping stores if you dei de to try them out:-)

  2. Totes jelly right now. Stunning photos! Hey there little Jet boil! Cool water bottle!

    Ps Mum and I went halves in a gortex jacket today! $180 down from 400. Not as long as yours but a fabulous hood!

  3. It’s so nice to hear good stories of human kindness and warmth. I think the beautiful surrounds must have an impact on people’s outlook on life. It would be hard to be mean and nasty when enjoying scenery like this!

    • So true! Everyone is in the holiday spirit and nearly everyone is here for the same reason so it’s easy to start conversations. It’s funny in the pub in the evening when it’s packed but everyone’s wearing almost identical clothes. Gortex from head to toe!

  4. I remember that as being by far and away the easiest day’s walking on the Cumbrian Way. Plenty of places to stop for a cup of tea too.

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